EMalyatko launch in Ukraine

  • 4 January 2020
  • 18:00
EMalyatko launch in Ukraine

Kharkov is the first city in Ukraine, where a new comprehensive service eMalyatko is provided. From the January 1, 2020, parents with a child are able to register his/her birth and receive other necessary services by filling out only one application at once in the hospital.

A revolutionary service’s for Ukraine and the world purpuse is to save time for young parents: the number of possible visits to the authorities will decrease from 11 to 0, and the number of documents that are required - from
37 to 1.

The following services are provided per application:

1) State registration of the birth of a child.

2) Registration of the place of residence of the born child.

3) Assignment of assistance at birth.

4) Registration of a born child in the electronic health system.

5) Registration of a child born in the State Register of Individuals -

6) Obtaining certificates of parents of a large family and a child with
large families.

7) Origin of a born child whose parents are not composed
married to each other.

8) Determining the child’s citizenship of Ukraine.

9) Assigning a child a unique record number in the Unified State
demographic registry.

10) Assignment of assistance to large families.

At the beta test stage, 8 services are provided on the eMalyatko portal, except
registration of the born child in the electronic health system and issuing certificates of parents of a large family and a child from a large family families. Work is underway to modernize patient registries and
large families.

The initiative is being implemented by the Ministry of Digital Transformations of Ukraine with the support of international projects: EGAP programs (Swiss Confederation and Eastern Europe Foundation), project
EGOV4UKRAINE, which is part of the ULEAD program with Europe, SURGE, EU4PAR.

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