House of Real Estate Project Launches in Kharkiv

  • 29 November 2019
  • 20:08
House of Real Estate Project Launches in Kharkiv

Registration and receipt of various real estate documents can get very complicated and time consuming. A new solution to the issues of this kind was recently proposed in Kharkiv with the first of its kind project in Ukraine called “House of Real Estate.” From now on any real estate related issue can be easily yet effectively solved in a fast manner using a single platform “House of Real Estate”. This project is unique as it will not only unite under it’s branch KP “BTI” but also various specialised departments in real estate field.

Key tasks of “House of Real Estate”:

  • Global optimization of the existing system
  • Time reduction of processing and receiving various documents
  • Maximum range of services concentrated in one place
  • Professionalism and 100% result guarantee
  • High quality of customer service
  • Full transparency, availability and equal conditions

“House of Real Estate” purpose is to make Kharkiv citizens’ life comfortamble and from bureaucracy and past stereotypes. In order to accomplish these tasks, precise standards were developed along with the involvment of modern innovative technologies.

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