Kharkiv shares experience in the field of technical inventory

  • 11 April 2019
  • 17:00
Kharkiv shares experience in the field of technical inventory

Discussion of changes in legislation, which concerns the creation of a single subject-keeper of all inventory cases, was held today, April 11, in the Kharkiv city council with the participation of heads of enterprises of technical inventory of real estate from all over Ukraine.

At the beginning of the meeting, the mayor Gennady Kernes thanked the guests for their interest and attention to the Kharkiv experience in this field.

“I hope that the study of the experience of our BTI will give you food for thought, and in the future you will usefully apply in your cities what you have seen with us. Now we are building a new House of Real Estate and want to open it this year. There will be a completely different level of BTI, and there will be other services of the City Council that provide administrative services. From me in this process - only support. What was before and what has already been done is heaven and earth, ”said Gennady Kernes.

During the meeting, the legislative changes that came into force in the field of real estate technical inventory were discussed. Director of the Registration Department, Oleg Drobot, said that, according to the changes in the Instructions on the procedure for conducting a technical inventory of real estate objects that came into force, the Kharkov City BTI communal enterprise became the only custodian in the city of the archive of all inventory cases. This means that all technical inventory subjects, including private BTIs that conduct technical inventories, must, in a timely manner, transfer a copy of such inventory materials to the BTI municipal enterprise.

For Kharkiv residents, a special online service was introduced on the website of the Registration Department - a check of the BTI data sheet for authenticity. Oleg Drobot noted that the service appeared after repeated appeals of Kharkiv citizens regarding the identification of fake documents.

Kharkiv was one of the first in Ukraine to determine the subject of storage of inventory cases, as required by the new legislation.

“Now in the city we have unity with the registrars, notaries and with some private actors, and we are actively forming a new practice. Let's work out solutions together and put them into practice in order to help the ministry create this practice so that it has something to work with, ”said Oleg Drobot.

The chief engineer of the Kiev BTI, Vladislav Yakushko, evaluating the initiative of his Kharkov colleagues, noted that the technical inventory materials should really be kept in one place, since it is convenient for everyone, and the experience of Kharkov can be useful.

“Yes, today the Ministry of Regional Development has not regulated the regulatory procedure for storing these documents, and many do not know how to do it. But Kharkov has already done it, so now we are studying this question. Part of the problem can really be solved locally in order to remove certain speculations. It is great that the authorities in Kharkov support the BTI on many issues, there is great progress here, ”noted Vladislav Yakushko.

A representative of the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services, Andrei Zarya, who also participated in the meeting, thanked Gennady Kernes for supporting the initiatives of the ministry and noted that the position of the Ministry of Regional Development is a monopoly storage of inventory cases, and the local authorities should be responsible for this work. mayor

“I would like to thank you precisely for this work that we have begun. Our task was to create a monopoly on the storage of inventory cases, and the rest should be done by business entities, carrying out work on the technical inventory. We believe that inventory should be kept exclusively. That is, every mayor should know what is going on in his city and where his documents are going, so that there is no such thing that the object has been inventoryed, and the inventory case is in Uzhgorod, and not in Kharkov. The idea was ours, and you have it embodied in the business, and thank you very much for that, ”said Andrei Zarya.

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