Heads of technical inventory enterprises from all over Ukraine presented innovations from Kharkov BTI

  • 11 April 2019
  • 15:00
Heads of technical inventory enterprises from all over Ukraine presented innovations from Kharkov BTI

The work of UE "BTI" and the introduction of innovations in real estate in Kharkov were presented today, April 11, for heads of technical inventory enterprises from all over Ukraine.
The event was held in the framework of the interregional meeting on the exchange of experience "Development Strategy BTI on the example of the city of Kharkov."

Director of the Registration Department Oleg Drobot conducted an excursion to the BTI front office for colleagues from different cities and regional centers of Ukraine. He informed that special software was developed for the operation of the renewed enterprise, which made it possible to fully automate the work of the operators, new job descriptions were created and a motivation system was introduced for the employees. The work was divided into front and back offices, in addition, the BTI corporate identity was created.

“We created a new perception of BTI perception among Kharkiv citizens. We have provided comfortable conditions, as well as a transparent and understandable list of services so that city residents do not bother themselves with questions about which technical passport they need and so on. In fact, the KP BTI is a platform where today you can get a whole block of services related to real estate, including design work, expertise, conclusions, appraisal and land management work, as well as transactions in this area. And today the company represents a large field for development, the main thing is that we maintain the services and quality standards that we have stated here, ”said Oleg Drobot.

Also, the director of the department told colleagues about the unique online services of BTI, which are provided only in Kharkov - this is an order for a technical passport, its visualization and courier delivery. For convenience, Kharkiv citizens on the website of the Registration Department can check the accuracy of the technical passport for real estate by the document number. In addition, the company introduced all possible payment options, including bank cards, cash payment through the terminal and mobile payment services. He also recalled that from November 2018, the BTI provides free legal advice on real estate.

In turn, the leaders of the BTI regional centers and other major cities of the country noted that Kharkiv is really an advanced city in the field of innovation in this area, as well as in the quality of real estate services.

“All the innovations of Kharkov in terms of the work of the BTI are just a breakthrough, this is not even in Kiev. The younger generation to whom the company was transferred, has fully justified itself. I am pleased to see that the mayor of the city sets the task in terms of improving the work of the enterprise and helps, putting its shoulder for this, because without the help of the city it would be almost impossible to do such work, ”said Netila Sepp, director of BTI LLC in Zaporozhye.

“For us, everything is new here, and a lot of positive impressions. Our company has neither an electronic queue nor a back office yet, but we do not have such a large influx of customers, so we are still coping. But for such a big city like Kharkov, this is the best system. I believe that this is the brightest example for all the cities of Ukraine, how to work. I would very much like to introduce all these innovations in my region too, ”said Victoria Shikhova, director of the Kirovograd United Regional BTI.

After becoming acquainted with the work of the front office, representatives of technical inventory enterprises will discuss in the Kharkiv City Council changes in legislation that provide for the creation of a single subject-custodian of all inventory cases.

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