Residents of Kharkiv can sign up for a visit to the BTI

  • 22 March 2019
  • 16:00
Residents of Kharkiv can sign up for a visit to the BTI

On the website of the Registration Department, you can pre-select the date and time of your visit to the front office of the BTI utility.

About this today, March 22, said the director of the department Oleg Drobot.

According to him, BTI daily serves hundreds of Kharkiv residents on many issues related to real estate. They concern not only the production of a technical passport, but also the registration of rights to real estate, the provision of related services, the issuance of certificates, as well as the provision of free legal advice.

“Implementing the highest quality service in the work of utilities is a task set for us by the mayor. Therefore, among other services, a visit planning service was introduced at BTI. This service will help not only save the time of citizens, but will also enable employees of the enterprise to rationally distribute the workload throughout the day, ”said Oleg Drobot.

Sign up for a visit to the CP "BTI" can be on the website of the Department of Registration.

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