In the BTI launched the project Agent X

  • 16 January 2019
  • 23:56
In the BTI launched the project Agent X

The project "Agent X", aimed at improving the service of the services provided to the residents of Kharkiv, was launched today, January 16, at CE "BTI".

According to the director of the Registration Department, Oleg Drobot, the project was implemented in cooperation with the team of the Kharkov Reform Office. Its main task is to improve the service, which city structures today provide, together with the residents of the city. Thus, BTI visitors can use the QR code directly from a mobile phone to fill out a questionnaire and leave their comments and suggestions regarding work and maintenance in the enterprise. Also, access to the questionnaire form can be found on the websites of the Registration Department and the Portal of Kharkovites.

“At the reception in the BTI, as well as on the table, each administrator has a sticker with a QR code with which visitors get access to the questionnaire, by filling out which each Kharkov citizen will help improve the work of the enterprise. Each review will be reviewed by the team of the Reform Office and taken into account in our future work, ”said Oleg Drobot.

BTI is the first enterprise where Agent X is launched. After the project mechanism has been worked out, it will be implemented in the centers providing administrative services, as well as in institutions and enterprises of the city. As the manager of the “Agent X” project Igor Dunyakov noted, visitors will need only a few minutes to fill out the questionnaire, and there is no need to enter personal data - this is at the discretion of the placeholder.

“We have shaped the questionnaire in such a way that the easiest way to establish feedback with customers. So, when filling out a form, you first need to select a utility that you want to leave a review about, then answer a few simple questions, like “yes / no” and “like / dislike”, after which there are several open questions where you can directly leave your suggestions for improving the service. The questionnaire is processed jointly with BTI employees, after which we work out recommendations for improving the specific situation that was proposed by Kharkiv residents, ”said Igor Dunyakov.

According to Oleg Drobot, the development of the enterprise does not stop there, and in 2019 BTI is planning to introduce new services.

“Today the enterprise is ready for new challenges and new volumes of work. A survey of Kharkiv citizens showed that there is a demand for a very large number of different services that are not provided today, but are very much in demand by residents of the city. In particular, there is a large demand for design work related to the reconstruction of buildings, premises and new construction, land management and appraisal work, and so on. That is, in the future, BTI will become a service center, where all real estate services will be provided, ”emphasized Oleg Drobot.

Recall, today the Kharkiv BTI is the only one in Ukraine that provides online services, in particular, you can order a technical passport of housing online, as well as issue courier delivery of the document. In addition, the company introduced mobile payment services, which allows paying for the ordered services in a short time. Since November 2018, BTI has provided free legal advice on real estate. Only in December last year, more than 200 Kharkiv citizens took advantage of this service. For the successful reform of the enterprise in 2018, the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services awarded the Kharkov BTI with the award in the category “Best Practices for the Development of Local Self-Government”.

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