In Kharkov, the first in Ukraine launched the Mobile ID technology

  • 7 November 2018
  • 22:02
In Kharkov, the first in Ukraine launched the Mobile ID technology

The launch of the Mobile ID technology launch took place today, November 7, as part of the opening of the municipal institution “Kharkov Reform Office”.

Kharkiv became the first and only city in Ukraine, which is implementing the project “Smart City” in partnership with the company “Vodafone”. After the signing of the Memorandum of Cooperation between the Kharkiv city mayor Gennady Kernes and the General Director of Vodafone Ukraine, Olga Ustinova, 36 priority projects were identified in various spheres of city activity. One of them was Mobile ID.

According to Oleg Drobot, Director of the Registration Department, Mobile ID, or “mobile passport”, is a modern way of personal identification using a mobile phone. It is one of three generally accepted electronic methods of personal identification. One of the main advantages of Mobile ID is the security of personal data.

“In essence, this is the use of a mobile phone SIM card to confirm your identity when receiving a number of services in electronic services at the local and state levels. We plan to promote these services everywhere, so that they are implemented in business, in all government structures, in all communal projects - on the Electronic Services Portal of the city of Kharkiv, the Kharkiv Portal’s website, the Kharkiv City Council website, etc. The mobile passport is easy to get, it is no different from a regular SIM card, except for the fact that it is protected by an electronic digital signature and personal personal data of the owner of this SIM card. In a completely secure way, he will be able to transfer this data to state or local authorities for receiving certain services, ”said Oleg Drobot.

According to him, now with the help of a mobile passport you can order on the Portal of Electronic Services of Kharkov a certificate of family composition, a certificate of registration of a place of residence, a registration certificate in the workplace BTI, etc. In the future, the list of services will be significantly expanded.

Deputy Director General of Vodafone Ukraine, Sergey Skripnikov, said that Mobile ID was implemented only in Kharkov.

“We are ready to provide this service throughout Ukraine, in any city. But there should be a demand, electronic services should be adapted. In Kharkov, there is such demand, and there are opportunities to implement all this. I hope that Kharkiv residents with today's presentation will give a powerful impetus to the development of electronic services in other cities, ”said a company representative.

According to him, the cost of Mobile ID in the network “Vodafone” is 100 UAH, the connection to the service is 150 UAH and the monthly subscription fee is 15 UAH. When buying a mobile passport, you can leave your mobile number or get a new one.

During the presentation of the service, it was announced that the first hundred users of the Portal of Kharkiv, who submitted a corresponding application on the site, will receive a Mobile ID for free.

Recall, by the decision of the session of the Kharkiv City Council on October 17, the municipal institution “Kharkov Reform Office” was created, which deals with the development and implementation of innovative projects, explores the innovative ideas of Ukraine and the world, and also accumulates successful Kharkiv initiatives for exchange with other regions.

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