In the BTI introduced new services for servicing Kharkiv citizens

  • 25 June 2018
  • 16:03
In the BTI introduced new services for servicing Kharkiv citizens

In the communal enterprise "Kharkov City Bureau of Technical Inventory" now services "Apple Pay" and "Google Pay".

This was reported by the Director of the Registration Department Oleg Drobot. As he said, contactless systems of mobile payments allow to pay for services in the shortest time.

"A month ago in Ukraine, the mobile payment system" Apple Pay "became available. It, along with a system such as "Google Pay", allows you to make payments even faster. The utility company BTI is one of the first in Ukraine to introduce these systems for its services. In the company's front office in the Central Department Store there are already contactless receiving terminals. In order to pay, you only need to spend 10 seconds, "said Oleg Drobot.

He noted that the system is very convenient and in demand, since applicants do not need to carry a bank card. "After the order is registered in the BTI, the administrator contributes the appropriate amount for the specified services to the terminal, the applicant submits his smartphone, chooses the associated bank card and confirms the payment," explained the Director of the Registration Department.

Oleg Drobot also recalled that in the front office of CE "BTI" you can still pay for services through the terminal either by any bank card or in cash.

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