The portal of electronic services is launched in Kharkiv

  • 24 May 2018
  • 19:35
The portal of electronic services is launched in Kharkiv

The portal of electronic services of Kharkov will start working on June 1.
About this today, May 24, said the Director of the Registration Department Oleg Drobot.

According to him, all the structural subdivisions of the city council, employees of centers for provision of administrative services, offices of "Zhilkomservis" have already got access to a single database of registered persons in dwellings and received appropriate training.

The Director of the Registration Department recalled that starting from June 1, the procedure for obtaining certificates on the composition of the family will be considerably simplified - local government bodies will provide such an inquiry independently for the provision of administrative services without the participation of the applicant.

"Every year more than half a million local government bodies issue such certificates to Kharkiv residents. They are needed to obtain more than 20 administrative services. The legislation is structured in such a way that the city council issues such a certificate to the Kharkiv citizen so that he can take it and file it with a package of documents to another body of the city council. In the era of electronic technology, this looks illogical. That is why, on the initiative of the mayor, with the participation of the Reforms Office under the Kharkov city head, an electronic document circulation of such information between all city council bodies is launched from June 1, "Oleg Drobot said.

He also stressed that, if necessary, a certificate on the family composition from June 1 can be obtained both in the offices of "ZHylkovservis" and in any center for the provision of administrative services on an "instantaneous" basis, since the necessary information has already been transferred from paper files to a single electronic database data.

"The list of cases when Kharkov residents need such a certificate will be cut threefold, basically they will be requirements for presentation to banks, embassies or at the place of work," Oleg Drobot said. At the same time, he noted that for private sector residents, the reform will start working on January 1, 2019.

According to Oleg Drobot, the Electronic Services Portal has become not only a platform for the exchange of information between authorities. From June 1, Kharkiv citizens will be able to receive through two services - without leaving home to issue a certificate of residence registration and a technical passport from the CE "BTI".

To use the Portal, you will need to go through the authorization, choosing a convenient method for yourself.

"One of the methods of electronic identification known today is the electronic digital signature. Today it already has many, because through EDS reports are submitted to the tax and other authorities, declarations are submitted and many other actions are being taken. Alternatively, you can use the BankID system and confirm your identity using a bank card, as well as the Mobile ID system, which was recently introduced in Ukraine, but is very popular, "said the director of the department.

Oleg Drobot noted that if necessary, the Portal can pay for services using his bank card, receive in electronic form documents that will be assigned a unique number and QR-code to verify its authenticity.

"The document can be saved on your device, including on a mobile phone, and then printed in any convenient place. The level of servicing of citizens, getting their services is increasing in a complex way, the work of the units is simplified, because today they with the help of the Portal instantly get access to the information they need to serve the townspeople, "the director of the department said.

According to him, in the future, through the Electronic Services Portal, it will be possible to receive a number of other administrative services.

"Today this is one of the priority directions of the work of the Reforms Office under the Kharkov city head," Oleg Drobot said.

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