In the centers of admin services launched the project "Instant Service"

  • 8 September 2017
  • 14:42
In the centers of admin services launched the project

You can get services in the field of registration of a place of residence in Kharkov in 20 minutes.

As reported today, on August 14, the Director of the Registration Department Oleg Drobot, after the electronic register of the territorial community started working in the city, it was possible to automate all processes and provide the most popular services on the principle of extraterritoriality, that is, without binding to the residence permit.

Now Kharkiv citizens who want to register a place of residence, get a registration cancellation service or information from the state register, it is necessary to bring documents to any of the nine regional centers of adminservices. Administrators will hand them over to the department registrars who work in the back-office of the CASU, they will process it, and within 20-30 minutes the result will be ready.

"In April the Register of the territorial community of the city started working in Kharkov, and the project" Instant Service "was started to be implemented at the Administrative Services Center of the Principal area in late May. Since that time the center has accepted 2,5 thousand registration documents. Later, "instant service" began to provide in all areas of the city. This is one more step towards implementing the reform of administrative services in order to make them qualitative, transparent and accessible", Oleg Drobot noted.

Recall that also on the website of the CASU operates an electronic service "Online registration of the place of residence / removal from registration of residence". Using the "personal cabinet", the applicant can pre-submit the documents and, after receiving a positive response, get the service in the center even faster.

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