Kharkiv — is a large rapidly developing metropolis that has more than 1.5 million inhabitants and more than 200 thousand visitors to the city. Every second Kharkov meets with the need to obtain a technical passport for the property, the owner of which he is or wants to become. KP "BTI" - is the largest organization in the field of technical inventory of real estate, which operates in the real estate market since 1943.

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Heads and other officials of state authorities, local self-government, enterprises, institutions, organizations regardless of the form of ownership, associations of citizens are obliged to conduct a personal reception of citizens.

The reception is held regularly on specified days and hours, at a convenient time for citizens time, in the place of their work and residence. Schedules of admission are communicated to citizens. The procedure for the admission of citizens to government bodies, local self-government, enterprises, institutions, organizations, regardless of ownership, associations of citizens is determined by their leaders.

All citizens' requests for personal reception are registered. If it is impossible to solve the questions touched upon in the oral appeal directly at the personal reception, it is considered in the same order as the written appeal. The citizen is informed about the results of the examination in writing or orally, at the request of the citizen.

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